House of Love 448 Food Bank (Johor)

About Us
House of Love 448 Food Bank (Johor) was established in July 2015. We have been operating in our temporary depot for more than 1 year. Till date, we have been helping more than 150 families during their most difficult moments, which includes single-parent families, families with ill members, old folks, orphans, poor families, families of accident victims, etc.

We started the programme from a few volunteers with the concept of food distribution using only 4 hours/month (48 hours a year). Till date, we have been motivating more than 250 people to join the HOL volunteer team in the monthly distribution of food to the poor, ill stricken, single parent families, old folks, orphans, poor families and families of accident victims.

HOL 448 Food Bank is a:
-Unite all strength to join hand in charity work.
-To encourage given 4 hours social service every month create a platform to those who love to do the charity service.
-To combination of government and private sector.
-To establishment the HOL Food Bank service center.

Purpose and Objective:
-Depending on the location need, to set up the HOL Food Bank service center.
-To Provide 60% of their need in monthly to distribution the food to the poor, single, old folks & disease family.
-To provide help to those who really need our help.

Our aims and objectives:
-Combine the power of the public, to create a warm and harmonious country.
-To reconstruction enthusiasts of love and care.
-Reduce the community crime.
-Let each of the local people have the opportunity to participate in community service and contribution.

The origin of the food bank’s inventory:
Exacerbate the problem of global wealth, food banks mainly provide food assistance for low-income families. The daily operation of all sectors of the food is stored, and then distributed to the needy.

Food Bank inventory historical sources:
Among the world’s first food bank, founded early in 1967 by American John Van Henzel, named St.Mary’s Food Bank (St. Mary’s Food Bank). When he witnessed a woman for 10 children who worry about their need. Because of this incident happen, the talk about food bank was in the mind.

Single-parent families, family of illness, old folks, orphans, poor families
 Single parent families / orphans: Income below RM1,500, children under the age of 15 and having more than two children.
 Families with sick members: Main breadwinner struck with serious illnesses that lead to loss of family income.
Needy families: Monthly income below RM2,000, having four children or more.
Lonely old folks : No child, nobody to depend on.
 Family members of accident victim: Lost family income due to breadwinner met with accident.

* Disclaimer: Food Bank deserves the right to decide which family to assist, depending on the condition of the individual families and the level of food reserves.

HOL Volunteer:
-To do the charity 4 hours every month start, distributing food to the poor and single-parent families.
-Divided into ten groups, each group in charge of three families.
-Record the type of food distribution, record in the invoice.
-Evaluate the family every six months (Evaluation Form) within six months to observe how they use of food to benefit the family, whether to sell or miss use the food stuff.
-Distribute only 60% of their need in monthly basic.